Al Bacharach, Inc was the business of my grandfather (Opa) Albrecht Bacharach. He sold fruit trees throughout the United States. When he died, his business was eventually sold. We can still see the 'fruits' of his labors, especially in the Northwest by driving through the Columbia Gorge, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, etc.


I spent two years traveling in Israel, France and Italy and working on sustainable goat/sheep farms. In this time I learned how to operate a farm on a day to day basis. I contributed to the farm operations and managed duties when needed. I am a practitioner of traditional goat care, meaning that no industrial or artificial products are used on the goats.


I am passionate about making slow food, animal and land husbandry, and educating others about the value of these practices. Opa's Goat Grove embodies my experiences on modern farms with traditional approaches, as well as the practical business practices of my Opa and Al Bacharach, Inc.


I love working outside, and I enjoy bringing people closer to nature. Al Bacharach, Inc was proud to maintain close relationships with its customers, build on community leadership, and sustain the environment. Albrecht Bacharach set a precedent, and Opa's Goat Grove will maintain it.


- Ari Bacharach

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